Direct Fly is a czech company manufacturing and developing ultra-light aircraft.

The company has its headquarters and design office in Brno. The ALTO NG production facility is located also in Brno, at the Medlánky airfield, where test flights and finishing operations take place as well.

The beginnings of the company date back to the year 2000, when the company developed a new wooden aircraft. Since 2008 Direct Fly has been fully committed to small-scale production of the ALTO aircraft. More than 150 aircraft of this type are currently operated worldwide. The company therefore focuses primarily on the small-scale production of the ALTO aircraft and on selling the Technology Transfer licenses. Direct Fly is also involved in designing new ultralight aircraft STOL CRUISER. The company owns and offers forming and machining production capacities, mainly for aluminium alloys.



Company established

Emergence of the Czech company Direct Fly producing all-metal ultralight aircraft.


Granting a type certificate

Beginning of a small-scale production of the ALTO 912 TG aircraft. Production and assembly takes place in the town of Hluk in the Zlín region.


Match Hole

First aircraft produced using Match Hole Technology, which makes production and assembly much more efficient.


ALTO number DF050

Direct Fly produces its 50th ALTO aircraft.

April 2016

Wanfeng Aviation

Technology Transfer Agreement signed with Chinese company Wanfeng Aviation. Technology Transfer (TT) includes handover of complete drawing documentation, technical support and employee training.

September 2016

First stage of training

First stage of Technology Transfer training for Chinese company Wanfeng Aviation begins. At this stage, employees are acquainted with engine installation and finishing operations on the aircraft.

March 2017

The first flight of the ALTO aircraft in Chinese airspace

Direct Fly Team is sent to China to provide technical support and test-fly assembled aircraft.


July 2017

Second stage of training

Second stage of training for Wanfeng Aviation focused on building the airframe and the wing of ALTO.

June 2018

New Company Address

Moving of the company to the new place at Medlánky airfield (LKCM). Together with the managment the manufacturing site and the assembly line are moved as well.

November 2021

First STOL Cruiser prototype

New LSA prototype introduced for the first time at International Engineering Fair. STOL Cruiser was developed by Direct Fly in cooperation with Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU in Prague.


ALTO NG Introduction

Introduction of the new ALTO NG model, the outcome of the new Czech certification UL-2 with 600 kg MTOW.



Twenty-eight Alto aircraft, forty-seven aircraft in total at the first ever fly in of our aircraft.