Specializing in a small-scale production and development of all-metal ultralight aircraft for more than decade. Currently producing ALTO, all-metal ultralight monoplane, and a new high wing STOL CRUISER. Offering aluminum alloy forming and contour milling of various materials.


Ultralight aircraft in the UL and LSA categories.

At the moment almost 200 all-metal Alto aircraft fly in various countries such as USA, Brazil, South Africa, Spain and many more. Alto is especially suitable for recreational flying, mostly thanks to its robust design and predictable flight characteristics.

New all-metal high-wing ultralight

All-metal high-wing ultralight developed with the requirement for a short take-off and landing. The advantage of this aircraft is also its high cruising speed and for this category the unusually high flight performance.


Steve Hitchen – Australian Flying, editor

„The Alto is one of the easiest LSAs I have ever flown and is well ahead of the others in the landing stakes. The uncomplicated design ethos that has been put into the Alto is reflected in both its handling characteristics and performance. And isn’t that what a light sport aircraft is supposed to be.“

Adrian Parajňák - Pilot

„The Alto is an ideal and reliable aircraft for travelling and looking around. My flight from Mladá Boleslav through Jeseníky, Beskydy, Orava, Malá Fatra, Martinské hole, Roháče, Vysoké Tatry Levoča, Spišský Hrad, Nízké Tatry, Vtáčník, Trenčín, Uherské Hradiště, Pardubice and back to Mladá Boleslav with an hour break lasted from half past five in the morning to one o'clock in the afternoon."

Willie Bodenstein - Pilot‘s Post, editor

„Impressive performance and totally predictable handling qualities are ideally suited to both the recreational pilot and instructor training environment and for additional safety an optional factory fitted ballistic parachute is available, this having been tested to verify that it actually works!“

Roman Mrázik - Pilot

„So far I’ve been completely happy with the new Alto NG. The aircraft’s flight characteristics are very good, uncomplicated, especially suitable for training. It‘s going to be a huge help in the flight school. I have flown with many aircraft, including light sport aircraft, and until I got to know Alto, the best LSA for me has been Evektor’s Harmony. After experience with Alto I can confirm that Alto is even better than Harmony and I can agree with what Slovak owners said, that Alto is a small Z-142."