Direct Fly company specializes in small-scale production and development of all-metal ultralight aircraft. The company has been on the market for over a decade and currently produces ALTO 912 TG all-metal ultralight monoplane and develops two other types of sports aircraft, ORANGE and STOL CRUISER. We also offer aluminum alloy forming and contour milling of various materials.


All-metal ultralight aircraft certified in the UL and LSA categories.
At the moment over 80 of these aircraft fly in various countries such as USA, Brazil, South Africa, Spain and many more. ALTO is especially suitable for recreational flying, mostly thanks to its robust design and predictable flight characteristics.

Lightweight, agile aircraft designed in accordance with the previous ALTO 912 TG.
However, beside the attractive appearance, better flight performance and characteristics are expected. ORANGE is all-metal ultralight aircraft designed especially for sport flying and training.

A modern high-wing all-metal ultralight aircraft with low stalling speed, classified in STOL category.
One of the advantages of this aircraft is its high cruising speed, resulting in versatile use.




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