New version of the popular all metal ALTO aircraft is the outcome of the new Czech certification UL-2 with 600 kg MTOW. There has been no change to the flight characteristics and handling qualities of the aircraft, the aircraft has been improved thanks to more than fifteen years of experience with the aircraft in operation by flight schools, aeroclubs, new and experienced pilots in the Czech Republic and abroad.

There has been change of length and design of engine bed and cowling, front leg and fuselage have been both stiffened. The elevator control system has been modified as well. Control cables are not used anymore, push-pull rods were integrated instead.

You can read more about the improvements and new Alto version in following article.

All-metal Aircraft with 600 kg MTOW

ALTO is a single-engine, two-seat, self-supporting monoplane. The aircraft was designed as a simple all-metal design suitable for assembly in amateur conditions, yet providing sufficient performance, corresponding to the standards in this category, low maintenance costs and easy and comfortable flight control. The aircraft is equipped with a proven ROTAX 912 ULs engine, providing sufficient power in its category. GALAXY GRS rescue system and glider tow can be installed upon request.

Direct Fly currently only produces the ALTO NG version, production of previous ALTO 912 TG model was terminated in 2022.

Technical Specification

Length 6,30 m
Wingspan 8,20 m
Wing area 10,6 m2
Height 2,25 m
Cockpit width 1,10 m
Number of seats 2
Fuel tank capacity 92 l / 24,3 gal
Engine Rotax 912ULS2/3
Take-off distance to 50ft 410 m* / 1345 ft*
Landing distance from 50ft 295 m* / 968 ft*
Empty weight 320 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 600 kg
VNE (never-exceeded speed) 260 km/h / 140 kts
Cruising speed 180 km/h / 97 kts
Stalling speed, landing configuration 76 km/h* / 41 kts*
Stalling speed, clean configuration 87 km/h* / 47 kts*
Load factor +4 / -2
Maximum climbing speed 5,1 m/s*

The advantages of ALTO lie in its simple and comfortable piloting, which is guaranteed by the design of the wing. The rectangular wing plan and the profile with a blunt leading edge provide predictable stall characteristics and behaviour. The wing is a semi-monocoque structure and is equipped with built-in tanks with a capacity of 92 litres of fuel.

The rear of the fuselage is designed with a rectangular cross section with an oval upper surface. The stiffness of the structure is secured by diagonal webs. The wing-fuse link is conceived as the interconnection of the wing beams with the center plane of the airplane by means of flanged bolts.

The horizontal and vertical tail surfaces are of a traditional arrangement. They are made as a riveted structure with composite end arcs.

Flight control transmission from the "stick" is realized by means of rods and cables. Directional steering of the front landing gear leg is coupled with pedals for changing the aircraft direction. The brakes are hydraulically controlled by a lever located on the center panel.

The landing gear is designed as three-wheel, with front steering wheel. The main wheels are fixed to the fuselage on flexible laminate legs.

Access to the cockpit is secured by means of footpaths located at the trailing edge of the wing. The spacious, 110 cm wide cockpit provides plenty of room for comfortable control of the aircraft. The cockpit roof slides forward and it is mounted on rails.

Alto Offer

ALTO NG, as its predecessor, is available in three completition stages, as a disassembled BASIC KIT, assembled airframe as QUICK KIT and fully assembled aircraft as READY TO FLY. Each kit is complemented with appropriate drawing documentation and detailed manuals.

From the very beginning Alto has been designed as a very simple all-metal aircraft suitable for building in amateur conditions, without the need for special workshop equipment and tools. For experienced builders we offer the disassembled ALTO kit.


The disassembled ALTO BASIC KIT is suitable for experienced builders. It includes all the parts needed for the airframe – wings and aircraft fuselage. All parts are machined on CNC milling cutters, bent, folded, pressed and welded. For building the aircraft from this kit, the usual workshop equipment – flat table, agraffes and suitable pliers is sufficient.


Fully finished aircraft airframe. The builder installs the engine, avionics, interior, finishes the canopy and installs electrical and fuel parts and paints the aircraft. It does not include the engine, engine bed, electrical installation, instrumentation, ventilation controls, heating, upholstered seats, seat belts and varnish. However, extra kit parts can be ordered at the customer's request.


Finished aircraft equipped with the Rotax 912 ULS engine and all other installations. In default configuration, the aircraft is equipped with hydraulic brakes with a central control lever, electric flap control and electric trim on the horizontal rudder. The exterior of the aircraft is made in a single color spray, the interior and the seats are upholstered with cloth.


If you are interested in a price quote or have any questions, write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


    If you are interested in a price quote or have any questions, write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


      If you are interested in a price quote or have any questions, write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

        Disassembled airframe--
        Assembled hull and wing-
        Finishing kitso
        System installationsoo
        Rotax 912 ULS engineoo
        Flight and engine instruments, propellers, etc.oo
        Finishing varnish-o

        ● - item contained in the basic price of given version
        o - optional item

        Instruments and Other Accessories

        Customer can choose from a wide range of accessories. Above-standard equipment is arranged individually after consultation. Frequently ordered items include for example the GALAXY GRS parachute rescue system.

        Engine instruments

        engine speed indicator, cylinder head temperature indicator, electric fuel gauge, oil temperature indicator, oil pressure indicator, fuel pressure indicator, carburetor preheater indicator

        Flight instruments

        airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, compass, transverse inclinometer


        analog clock, Aera 660 GPS, TRIG transponder and radio


        At the customer's request, the dashboard can be made in the GLASS COCKPIT configuration

        Personalized Dashboard Layout

        We prepare a personalized instruments panel layout for each customer, however we've prepared quite a lot examples during our production, so you can definitely choose already existing design or just get inspired by them.

        Aircraft Liveries

        Choose one of our Aircraft Liveries. Paint and foil colours are up to your choice.

        Alto Aircraft Liveries 2022

        Mandatory Service Bulletins

        In this section the newest ALTO NG mandatory bulletins can be found.

        Other Service Documents

        The latest technical and service documents are published here.