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Przeglad lotniczy 10/2003, Poland Tisk

Przeglad_lotniczy 10/2003Przeglad_lotniczy 10/2003The prototype metal aeroplane Alto, which has already been registered in the Czech Republic in this category, noticeably reminds of the Italian Storm.

We have already taken a fancy to this aeroplane at first sight because it substantially differentiates from the others we know and, moreover, it has a very attractive silhouette. The fuselage in one line past the crew cockpit seemed to me a bit too mighty at first but after a longer reflection I came to the conclusion that such a side silhouette can be substantiated with technologic aspects. The fuselage surface can be developed so that presses for moulding the casing duralumin plates are unnecessary, and hence is ideal for amateurs. In addition it appears that it has good longitudinal air circulation, without unsticking airflow within the full-applied speed range. The fuselage, which is flat on the underside, presents a lifting surface large enough, which is significant with respect to the wing span of hardly 7.36 m and the wing area of 8.15 m2!

The wings are fitted with big three-position flaps and in addition, the manufacturer offers elegant tips to these wings.

The cockpit is enough spatial and provided with a cover that opens forward and upward. Another advantage is dual well-shaped control levers, coming right from the instrument panel bottom.

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