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ALTO was originally designed as a very simple all-metal construction focused mainly on builders in amateur conditions and without requirement for specific equipment of the shop. For advanced builders Direct Fly offers range of kits in different stage of finishing. The standard offer of the company is - Basic ALTO kit - 50%, 75% and 100%. 100% kit is excellent for those who plan to start learning about the construction of the airplane. This kit includes fully built airframe and we have prepared special DISCOUNTED price. More information about  Basic ALTO  kits and current offer can be found on our web side in section Offer.


ALTO 50% basic kit Print

ALTO 50% kit is sometimes called "dissection kit". It includes all metal parts to finish the airframe - wings and fuselage. All parts are preformed on CNC milling machine, bended or welded where required. To build the ALTO from 50 % kit you will need workshop with standard equipment, flat table and tools such as clecos of different sizes and cleco pliers. If you are interested to see the building process of such kit, you are welcomed to follow the web site of our customer Mr Aubrecht who builds the ALTO from the 50 % kit - www.alto912.cz

Basic kit includes:

  • Riveted centersection, wing spars and pins
  • Finished integral wing tanks
  • Wing kit (L+R, ribs, skins, reinforcements, fiberglass wing tips)
  • Vertical tail parts and assemblies (skins, reinforcements, brackets..)
  • Horizontal tail parts
  • Control stick kit (levers, sticks, connecting rod, cables, hardware)
  • Canopy kit including plexi

It is possible to extend the BASIC 50% KIT with FINISHING PACKAGE FOR 50% KIT. This package consists of following partial kits:

  • Undercarriage kit (spring gear, nose wheel, hydraulic brakes, tires, central brake, hardware)
  • Flap&trim electric control kit - flap actuator, wiring, rocker switches, indicators, hardware
  • Fuel installation kit (Fuel selector,hoses,tubes,fuel gauges, hardware)
  • Pitot installation kit (bracket, pitot tube, hoses, clamps&hardware
  • Engine control kit - throttle&choke, hardware
  • Engine cowl kit - top&bottom - for ROTAX/JABIRU, hardware
  • Electric kit - basic - battery, switches, fuses

The KIT version of ALTO always includes full set of drawings in 3D, see the examples of the drawings:

ALTO 75% quick kit Print

ALTO 75%ALTO 75%ALTO 75%Extremly pre-assembled quick build kit - see the pictures! Ready to fly wings, extremly pre-assembled fuselage.

Hardware and mechanical kit: landing gear, flaps mechanism, controls, rods, steel cables, hinges and brackets - fittings. Two wing fuel tanks. Parts of the cockpit canopy plexi, wheels with hydraulic brakes, tyres and engine cowling.

It does not include engine, engine mount, instruments, cabin interior, painting.

ALTO ready for finish Print

ALTO ready for finish100% finished airframe pre-assembled using factory jigging and tooling.

For some countries that require pre-closing inspections we can leave top skins open for inspection of the complete interior. The airframe has landing gear, controls and fuel system installed. The work remaining to complete the aircraft is the engine and cowl installation, avionics, upholstery and painting.

It does not include the engine and engine mount, instruments, cabin interior, paint.

ALTO ready to fly Print
ALTO s ostruhovým podvozkem

ALTO - tricycle gear


ALTO s ostruhovým podvozkem
ALTO - tailwheel gear

Standard items for all ready to fly.

New airplane - 10 Hrs test fly, engine monitor TL, basic instruments - ASI, ALT, ball, compas, hydraulic brakes, single-coloured design, 3 blade prop. on the ground adjustable, spinner, electric trim, electric flaps, safety Belts, 12V Battery, textile upholstery, locking canopy.

105 litres integral wingtanks now in the standard price.

Accessories Print
Pilot brakes Left + Right on the pedals
Brakes for co-pilot
Cabin heating
El. fuel pump


Palivový ventil Andair

Fuel selector Andair


Foot steps


Modré zabarvení plexi krytu kabiny

Light blue tinted canopy


Posuvná větrací okénka

Sliding ventilation windows


Standardní sedačky textil

Standard seats - textil upholstery

Standard seats - leather + textil upholstery


Wheel spats


Záchranný systém Galaxy

Rescue system Galaxy

Letové a motorové přístroje Dynon

Dynon instruments


Poziční světla LED

Position lights


Strobo světla

Strobo lights


Přistávací osvětlení

Head light

Radiostanice ICOM A200



Radiostanice X-COM