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Mgr. Ivo Lederer

Mgr. Ivo LedererDirect Fly company co-owner, ULLa pilot. In Direct Fly is responsible for aircraft marketing and sales.

Ing. Jozef Robota

Highly skilled aviation engineer and DF production manager, 30 years of aviation experience.

Projects: MIG 21, L410,Z-526, L-29, L-39, SKY BOY, Zenair CH601, CH701, SOVA, RV-4, RV-6, RV-7, F-1, MD3 RIDER, ALTO, ARGO.

Antonín Chroust
Antonín ChroustDirect Fly test pilot. Total flying hours of 1,300 PPL, FI(G), FI(TMG) pilot, ULLa instructor and test pilot.
Miroslav Bachan

Miroslav BachanSkilled sheet metal worker mainly specialized in canopy installation and its fitting, airframe building, rudder assembly and other sheet metal works.

Projects: Eurostar, Sportstar, Sportcruiser, ALTO.

Martin Filípek

Martin FilípekSheet metal worker specialized in wing construction.

Projects: Zenair 601, Zenair 701, Sportcruiser, ALTO, ARGO, L410.

Ing. Jan Šponer

Ing. Jan ŠponerSkilled aviation engineer specialized in technology of aircraft production and aircraft design. International experience reached in Sweden as a member of team developing one seat aerobatic jet aircraft. Active UL and glider pilot.

Roman Pavlík

Roman PavlíkSkilled aircraft mechanic specialized in engine installations, wiring and fiberglass molding.

Projects: Zenair 701, 601, MD3 Rider, UL Classic, ARGO, ALTO.

Zdeněk Omachlík

Zdeněk OmachlíkSkilled sheet metal worker specialized in riveting the airframes, production planning, tail units installation, airframe finishings.

Projects: L-39, L-159, Sportcruiser.

Petr Hoferek

Petr HoferekSkilled sheet metal worker specialized in preparing subassemblies, rib pressing, cutting, airframe building.

Projects: Zenair CH 601, CH 701, Sportcruiser, Mermaid, Parrot, ALTO, ARGO.