For the ALTO 912 TG aircraft we offer the production licence / Technology Transfer (TT). In this package the customer is provided with:

  • Complete Drawing / Technical Documentation
  • Staff Training
  • Technical Support
The Technology Transfer package is therefore a simple, fast and very economical option for launching licensed production in any country.


In April 2016 Direct Fly signed the Technology Transfer Agreement with Chinese company Wanfeng Aviation. The Technology Transfer (TT) included handover of complete drawing documentation, technical support and employee training. The first stage of Technology Transfer training for Chinese company Wanfeng Aviation began in September 2016. At this stage employees were acquainted with engine installation and finishing operations on the aircraft. Following year the Direct Fly team was sent to China to provide the technical support and test-fly the assembled aircraft. The second stage of training for Wanfeng Aviation focused on building the airframe and the wing of the ALTO.


In the Technology Transfer package the customer is provided in electronic form with complete drawing documentation that is needed for the production of each part and its placement into an parent assembly. The Technical Documentation is a suitable platform for the certification of the aircraft in a given place.


The Technology Transfer also includes the technical support in customers country / at the place of realisation of the project. According to previously set conditions our team is sent to the customers country to consult or solve possible problems with the construction and operation of the aircraft.


The Staff Training is divided into three phases each concentrating on a different parts of the aircraft production and assembly. At the end of each phase the employers undertake a test of their knowledge according to which they receive an unique certificate. For the best illustrativeness the training is done with the real parts of assemblied aircraft.


The first part of the training includes the engine ROTAX 912 ULs installation and the equipment and electric installation. The final part takes part at the airport and consist of the end-assembly of the aircraft and the final flight test.


Following part consist of assembling and riveting of the body, tail surfaces and the wing of the aircraft. Employees are introduced to various riveting methods as well as to pressing of bearings and other standard operations.


In the final phase the employees are taught about the production of each part. The training includes all the following operations: milling, chamfering, pressing and other forming methods. Phase III includes the provision of jig and plans for production.