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Volar 217/2007, SpainVolar 217/2007, SpainVolar 217/2007, SpainVolar 217/2007, Spain
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We particularly liked the first version of the Alto aircraft which arrived in Italy, with a two-wheel undercarriage and powerful six-cylinder engine of 120 HP, not only for its flying characteristics, but also thanks to the robust and simple structure. Today, after a long wait, a "more European“ version is available, with the Rotax 912 engine of output 100 HP, with a three-wheel undercarriage, which to a great extent tackles the problems faced by an intermediate-level experienced pilot, and ultimately makes the machine more maneuverable on the ground, and with a level of final preparation which suits the requirements of the market despite remaining simple. It should be pointed out that the two-wheel version was easily maneuverable thanks to the differential brakes and good reaction of the rudder, but the front outlook when rolling was rather restricted and in lateral wind conditions taxiing required certain attention. All such problems have been resolved in this version. The version represents a new application of Direct Fly on the world market, an application which accounts also for the LSA version with an MTOW of 600 kg, which will be available within a short time. The whole-metal TG model with the lower arrangement of wings does not differ structurally from the previous one, unless we look at the undercarriage and at the different dimensions of the control areas, which were remade in order to achieve even more pleasant piloting.

Aviazione Sportiva 92/2006, ItalyAviazione Sportiva 92/2006, ItalyAviazione Sportiva 92/2006, ItalyAviazione Sportiva 92/2006, Italy









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