ORANGE is a two-seat low-wing aircraft with a predominantly duralumin construction. This aircraft was developed on the basis of experience and knowledge from the previous ALTO 912 model. The conceptual arrangement of the flight control system, landing gear and tail surfaces is based on the previous model. The ORANGE is designed especially for recreational flying, training and aero club use (glider towing). The aircraft is currently in the stage of development, prototype building and preparation for the wing strength test. The following technical specifications are based on preliminary calculations.

Koncepce a konstrukční řešení křídla byly převzaty z modelu ALTO 912 TG a to zejména z důvodu velmi dobrých letových charakteristik při nízkých rychlostech.

Compared to its predecessor, ORANGE offers more crew space in the form of an extended cockpit. The rigidity of the fuselage is secured by a system of longitudinal webs and bulkheads. The shape of the fuselage has been modified to improve the overall appearance and to reduce drag.


Length6,50 m
Wingspan 8,44 m
Wing area10,8 m2
Height2,30 m
Cockpit width1,20 m
Number of seats2
Fuel tank capacity100 l
EngineRotax 912ULs
Take-off distance90 m
Landing distance150 m
Empty weight305 kg
Maximum takeoff weight (UL/LSA)472,5 kg
VNE (never-exceeded speed) (UL/LSA)255 km/h
Maximum speed230 km/h
Stalling speed, landing configuration (UL/LSA)62 km/h
Stalling speed, clean configuration (UL/LSA)80 km/h
Multiples of G-force+4 / -2
Maximum climbing speed (UL/LSA)8 m/s